Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sylamore 50K Registration Day

Ultra Marathon sign-up #2 is in the books.  Today is the day we registered for the Sylamore 50K Ultra Trail Marathon.  I have been looking forward to today all week.  Kevin and I signed up at about 2:00pm today and it is a good thing we did because this thing filled up in under 5 hours today!!  

This will be my first attempt at the race.  Kevin ran it last year in approximately 8 hours which was his goal.  I trained with him a couple of times, once on 15 miles of the 31 miles trail the race takes place on.  It was tough and I thought he was crazy for trying it.  I love backpacking, hiking, and being in the woods but I thought there was no way I would ever run these trails.  Well, I should have studied my past when it comes to "never say never".  Every time I have said I would never run a particular race or distance... or even run for that matter, I always do.  I enjoy the rush of stepping up to a new challenge and these 2 races next spring live up to that.  Here is a elevation profile of the terrain.  We are crazy.

Sylamore 50K Elevation Profile
Sylamore 50K Trail Map

I am looking forward to starting the training after the marathon in a couple of weeks.  I'm ready to hit the trails.


  1. C to the Razy. Enjoyed getting caught up on the blog, bruthamans. Wishing you both well! -Aaron

    1. Aaron, you need to get signed up for Little Rock and get back in the game! :)


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